HTTP cookie, also a cookie or cookies, is a simple text file that is stored in a browser while a user is browsing a website. When a user views that same site in the future, the site may "retrieve" or retrieve the data stored in the cookie, in order to be notified of the user's previous activity. Cookies can contain information about which pages the user visited, login information, and even which buttons the user clicked. This information can stay in the cookie for months, even years.

Cookies are sometimes mixed with programs - but they are just a piece of data - and they can't do anything on their own. They cannot contain viruses or install malicious software on the host computer. However, tracking cookies and especially third-party cookies are often used as a way to make long-term records of a user's surfing history.

The protection and security of all users as well as the protection of private information when using or using our website is very important.
All users should know and be informed in detail how their personal and non-personal data is used and used.
Our web address uses software to analyze and use user data from which we obtain information to improve the quality of the offer and the user experience when visiting the website. When you first visit our site, click the accept button
use of cookies and after that anonymous identification data will be processed by our partners GA, AD) cookie suppliers and
IT service providers...

By setting cookies, we research and use the obtained statistical data on the use of our web address.
We use this information to improve our offer and make our services accessible and interesting to our clients.
All information we obtain by collecting cookies is completely anonymous and does not contain references to personal data
Our cookies are not a threat and cannot damage or infect your device with a virus or any other threat ... It is important to note
for all users of our services and clients and future visitors that we will strive to improve the quality of the web address and data protection.

Tracking cookies, and in particular third-party tracking cookies, are commonly used as ways to compile long-term records
on the history of browsing individuals and this is a potential privacy concern that has prompted European and US legislators to
take certain measures and enact new laws and regulations.
European law requires that all web addresses targeted by EU member states receive --informed consent --- from users
before storing cookies on your device ...