Can I also schedule a return transfer?
Yes, of course, use the order with return transfer option and fill out the form so that it contains your return information to the Airport or other destination.

How do I schedule a transfer if the address I have is missing a street and a number?
If you are out of town or in an unknown location, in this case send us a screen shot location from your phone so that we can forward it to the driver and to get him to the correct destination, and you will recognize him because we send you the vehicle and driver information in advance driver's phone number ...

How to book a vehicle on the site?
Finish your reservation by filling in the boxing form on our site, select your vehicle and destination and other requested information and select the one-way or return option. If we do not have your destination in our database and database, we will send you a price for that transfer in the short term.

Do I have to schedule a taxi transfer in advance?
We recommend that you make your reservation in advance, in which case when the reservation is completed the vehicle is booked with our guarantees. Last-minute bookings can be uncertain as we cannot guarantee the availability of vehicles in the short term.

What kind of vehicle can I book?
You can choose from different types of vehicles and different vehicle categories from our standard offer (2-3 passengers, good price and price) family (3-4 passengers or families with more luggage)?
business (max 3 passengers, for business people) vip (upper class) minivan (max 8 passengers) ..

How and where to find my driver?
Your driver will be waiting for you at your address or if your transfer is leaving the Airport, he will be waiting for you at the Airport building with a sign that says your name.

It is better to book a private transfer or a regular taxi ?
MontenegroTourOperator taxi services offers you private fixed-price taxi transfers so you know in advance how much your transfer costs and prices remain unchanged regardless of road conditions and traffic jams. It is a very reliable safe and secure way of doing business so you can start your journey with clear and pre-arranged fixed rates.

What happens if my flight is late?
Your driver will be waiting for you regardless of any delayed or delayed landing by a few hours. Our company uses a reliable flight tracking system through the flight radar application so that your driver knows the exact arrival time of your aircraft.

If the flight is delayed, there is an additional waiting charge?
NO, as we mentioned there is no extra charge and no worries be your driver will be waiting for you on the new airplane landing schedule.

How to make sure my reservation is confirmed?
After the reservation has been sent and completed, you will receive a message about the successfully completed reservation and after that within a very short period of time not longer than one or two hours.?
Reservation is considered confirmed only after the confirmation has been sent by e-mail.

I did not receive a booking confirmation of what to do next?
After you have properly filled out and reviewed the order form with the correct e-mail address, please make sure once again that you have correctly written and indicated your e-mail address to which you need to confirm your reservation or check that it has not been accidentally moved to the spam folder. If you still do not have your confirmation after this verification, please contact us by phone.

We have insured for the duration of the transfer?
All vehicles have travel health insurance provided by law for the carriage of passengers by road.

Whether the luggage is extra charged?
Luggage is free of charge, your driver will help you put your luggage in your vehicle.

I need a child seat?
When filling out the transfer form, it is very important that you tell us how old the child is and it is advisable to indicate how much weight he or she has to put at your disposal a child seat. Seats are not necessary for children over 10 years of age.

Can I book a day trip in addition to the transfer?
Yes, of course, our company can offer you not only taxi transfers but also day trips and excursions for larger and smaller groups of tourists throughout the region. Excursions can only be organized with a driver or with a professional tour guide licensed ..

Whether smoking is allowed during excursions or transfers?
No, smoking is strictly prohibited in all vehicles during excursions or taxi transfers..

Is it allowed to travel with a pet in a vehicle?
Yes it is possible to travel with your pet if it has a suitable box that is designed to be transported or transported by your pet.

How will we pay for the taxi transfer?
Clients can choose several options post or prepaid, credit card part of the contracted amount or full amount, or they can pay the driver after the service has been completed.

Is it safe to pay with a credit card online?
Your credit card information provides a reservation guarantee or is required to pay in advance, depending on the terms of the selected transfer, expressed in the quote on the carriage in addition to the fare and on the certificate you will receive after booking. (secure socket laier) and your data is completely secure and secure. In the event of fraud and misuse of your credit card by a third party or a person, most banks or credit card companies bear the risk and cover all costs arising from the misuse. In accordance with our business and ethical standards, we strictly respect your privacy. We are obliged that all your data name and e-mail address credit card information required for the reservation will not be disclosed to a third party without your consent and consent.

Is the price per person or per vehicle?
The transfer price is always for the vehicle, not per person, depending on what type of vehicle you choose for your transfer ...

Can I get a taxi transfer invoice?
Of course, if you paid for your transfer by credit card, we can send your invoice to your e-mail address, and any driver can issue you a block invoice after the transfer has been stamped and signed ...