For the last 10 years, the team of visionaries has worked hard to improve the tourism business system and raise the quality of service to an even higher level. Thus, we have provided all travel agencies, taxi companies and all our business associates with a place where they can easily and safely do business and expand their business and thrive and grow together with us.

We have created our database and multilingual website that currently offers over 12,000 destinations and performs taxi transfers from over 40 airports. Our associates are companies that have many years of experience in the field of taxi transport of passengers and limo-shuttle service. We have raised the quality of services to an even higher level and we will strive to maintain and improve all services.

Thus, we have created a Partner Program where all licensed agencies and taxi companies can cooperate with our company if they meet certain requirements for business standardization as well as general requirements.

All companies that are from the ex-Yugoslav area and are engaged in the transport of passengers from the airport from our offer can apply and achieve business and technical cooperation. They need to submit the required documentation on company registration as well as other documentation. As an attachment, it is necessary to submit a certified price list of services for all categories of vehicles on offer, as well as pictures of vehicles. It is also necessary to submit policies on passenger insurance in road traffic.

Partner Program Standards

Our program envisages cooperation only with those companies that have many years of experience, as well as a newer fleet where it is envisaged that vehicles older than 7 years do not meet the requirements for performing this activity. All these prescribed conditions have contributed to the increased volume of business, so our goal is to maintain the quality of service and expansion to other destinations and the EU zone. This is also our development plan for this project, where we will introduce a significant number of airports and destinations in the European Union in the next two to three years.

Our vision

We want to provide our passengers with affordable, fast and reliable taxi transport and create an advanced system known for the quality of service, a wide selection and a superior experience. We try to do our best, and to do that, we have set some long-term goals:
expanding the offer, increasing the number of destinations, improving the quality of services, improving IT solutions and solutions, increasing the number of innovations and increasing daily turnover per employee, minimum number of complaints and maximum number of positive comments, as well as socially useful and responsible business.

Benefits for partners

Montenegrotouroperator offers you completely free access to our reservation system, with a complete overview of your reservations and gives you access to a large market of over 500 million residents and potential customers, and provides support to all our partners.

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