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Low price for Taxi transfer from Belgrade airport to any city


Looking to book a taxi from Belgrade Airport to Belgrade city center, or any other destination in Serbia or the region ? You've come to the right place! Our company offers low cost, but luxurious transport with a wide array of different vehicles at your disposal.

You will be transferred anywhere you desire by our professional and experienced drivers, smoothly and pleasantly, but also as fast as possible, because we put the time and comfort of our customers first.

Taxi from Belgrade Airport to Belgrade Buss Station 

If you need a transfer from Belgrade airport to Belgrade buss station, or anywhere else in the city, we offer fast service with competitive prices. Depending on the desired area, if you want to travel from Belgrade Airport to Belgrade train station, or Belgrade suburbs, the transport cost range from €15 to €60, and you can rest assured that with our company, you will always get the most for your money.

Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla got its name in 2006, after one of the most famous scientists from Serbia and in the region. Before that, it was simply called - Belgrade airport. From the first Belgrade airport back in 1910, it changed locations, before it settled in Surcin, 18 kilometers from Belgrade city center.

Since the airport is far away from the very center of the city, the best transportation to your desired location is obviously by taxi.

Nikola Tesla airport is one of the fastest-growing airports in Europe and the biggest in the region. You will probably spend more than 15 minutes in the airport building after you leave the airplane, but even if you are in a hurry, fear not - you can book a taxi online to save time, and before you get your luggage and leave the airport building, our driver will wait for you at the gates!

Taxi from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport to any city in Serbia and the region 

Do you seek transportation beyond Belgrade and the close surroundings of Belgrade Airport? We also offer taxi transfers to any city in Serbia and the region as well! If you want to travel to Novi Sad, Subotica, Kragujevac, Nis, or anywhere else in Serbia, our professional drivers will get you there as fast as possible. You can also choose a vehicle that is the most suitable for your needs. We have Standard, Family, Business, VIP, and Minivan classes, with Skoda Octavia, Skoda Superb, Passat VIII, Audi A6 and Renault minivan, and similar vehicles at your disposal. It doesn't matter if you are a student, and you seek the most affordable and fastest transport to any city in Serbia or the region, or you are a wealthy businessman who needs comfort and you might need Wi-Fi, or privacy to make some phone calls - we can allow you that in our Business class.

If you need to travel further away from Serbian regional centers, somewhere in the region, you can also book our services and take a taxi to Bulgaria, Romania, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, Croatia and other, even further destinations, such as Greece!

How to book Taxi from Airport Belgrade

Booking a taxi from Airport Belgrade is straightforward - you can book our services via Viber, WhatsApp, or contact us via our website. We answer Viber and WhatsApp requests in the shortest amount of time possible, you can message us there, or even call us.

We have a classic contact form on our website as well, which is easy to use, and if you have access to a laptop, or it is easier for you to reach our mobile version of the site, you might contact us there.

In the message, we will confirm the price of the transport. We have no hidden costs and what we confirm in the message is the price you pay to our driver, not a cent more!

Pay Taxi from Airport Belgrade Online

If you don't want to waste time and you want to pay securely in front, we offer great convenience to you. We already told you that you can book our services via our website, but you can also pay in front with your credit or debit card, by using a secure payment service.

The gateway will lead you towards your bank, it won't save your data and it is completely secure and fast. Before you know it, you will be in our taxi, heading towards your destination, without any worries about the payment!

Taxi from Airport Belgrade Cost

All prices to all destinations from the Airport Nikola Tesla Belgrade are transparent and shown on our website. If you travel to Belgrade city center or some nearby destination, we have tariffs with Belgrade zones listed, so you will know how much your ride will cost. Also, if you go to any city in the region, we list all the prices, including the difference in price between different classes of our vehicles. Standard is the most affordable, and we can take one to three passengers in it.

Family class is the second, with one to four seats available, while Business and VIP are next, with one to three passengers on board. The minivan has one to eight seats available, and obviously, the price for transport is the highest, but if you have seven more friends or family members with you, the price will still be very affordable. Of course, every class has the same luggage space as the number of passengers.

 You can pay in front online, as we mentioned before, but if you like more conventional taxi transport, you can pay with cash to our driver as well. Either way, you will pay exactly the sum which was agreed earlier, we have no hidden costs or additional expenses you couldn't know about.

We are well known across the region for our comfort, competitive prices, and secure transport. The convenience of our customers during the transport is everything for us and our professional and experienced drivers will do everything to make your trip a pleasant experience.

If you still have some questions, we will gladly answer them via the contact form on our website!

Belgrade Airport - Tara - Reka - Splavarenje
  • Standard: 250 €
  • Familly: 260 €
  • Business: 270 €
  • VIP: 290 €
  • Minivan: 420 €
  • VIP Minivan: On request
  • Minibus: On request
Belgrade Airport - Beograd Centar Grada
  • Standard: 35 €
  • Familly: 38 €
  • Business: 45 €
  • VIP: 55 €
  • Minivan: 65 €
  • VIP Minivan: 250 €
  • Minibus: 140 €
Belgrade Airport - Jahorina
  • Standard: 260 €
  • Familly: 270 €
  • Business: 280 €
  • VIP: 300 €
  • Minivan: 420 €
  • VIP Minivan: On request
  • Minibus: On request
Belgrade Airport - Tirana city center
  • Standard: 550 €
  • Familly: 560 €
  • Business: 570 €
  • VIP: 590 €
  • Minivan: 750 €
  • VIP Minivan: On request
  • Minibus: On request
Belgrade Airport - Durres
  • Standard: 570 €
  • Familly: 590 €
  • Business: 610 €
  • VIP: 650 €
  • Minivan: 780 €
  • VIP Minivan: On request
  • Minibus: On request
Belgrade Airport - Temisvar
  • Standard: 200 €
  • Familly: 220 €
  • Business: 235 €
  • VIP: 250 €
  • Minivan: 380 €
  • VIP Minivan: On request
  • Minibus: On request
Belgrade Airport - Vršac
  • Standard: 90 €
  • Familly: 105 €
  • Business: 115 €
  • VIP: 120 €
  • Minivan: 180 €
  • VIP Minivan: On request
  • Minibus: On request
Belgrade Airport - Dimitrovgrad
  • Standard: 310 €
  • Familly: 320 €
  • Business: 330 €
  • VIP: 360 €
  • Minivan: 480 €
  • VIP Minivan: On request
  • Minibus: On request
Belgrade Airport - Saranda
  • Standard: 980 €
  • Familly: 1000 €
  • Business: 1020 €
  • VIP: 1100 €
  • Minivan: 1350 €
  • VIP Minivan: On request
  • Minibus: On request
Belgrade Airport - Solun
  • Standard: 700 €
  • Familly: 730 €
  • Business: 750 €
  • VIP: 800 €
  • Minivan: 950 €
  • VIP Minivan: On request
  • Minibus: On request
Belgrade Airport - Budva
  • Standard: 380 €
  • Familly: 395 €
  • Business: 420 €
  • VIP: 450 €
  • Minivan: 650 €
  • VIP Minivan: 780 €
  • Minibus: 750 €

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