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Low price for Taxi transfer from Tirana Airport to any city


If you travel to Albanian capital Tirana by plane, you will probably need to book a taxi from Tirana Airport to Tirana city center. The options for transportation from Tirana Airport are scarce, especially if you are foreigner, so it is always nice to have a secure and fast transfer from the airport to anywhere in Tirana, Albania or even region.

The center of Tirana is Skenderbeg square, which was redesigned and modernized in the last ten years. There are many government and landscape buildings next to it, or in the close proximity, including the Palace of Culture, National Opera, National Library, National Bank and Tirana International Hotel. If you get there, you will be in the heart of Tirana, and everything else important for a tourist, or for a businessman, is located not far away from that spot.

The best transport is by taxi. You will need around 20 minutes from Tirana Airport to Tirana city center, and the drive will cost you around €20. Our taxi can be booked by Viber, WhatsApp, and even via website! The booking is easy and fast, and as soon as you finish the process, our drivers will already be on their way and wait you while you finish checking out, get your luggage and exit the terminal.

Tirana Airport to Tirana Bus Station Taxi

Traveling from Tirana Airport to Tirana Bus Station is the easiest by taxi as well. You can travel by shuttle bus, but why would you want to wait on the bus station, entering a crowded place and drive for much longer, when you can call us and get to your destination in one of our luxurious cars and more than ten minutes faster?

Taxi from Tirana Airport to Anywhere in Albania and the Region

If you want to travel further, to the biggest regional centers in Albania, smaller places, or even to some city in a neighboring country, we got you covered.

The whole region of Western Balkans is getting developed and better interconnected, but infrastructure such as railway and regular bus lines are not fulfilling the needs of customers. Tirana main train station doesn't exist for years!

Therefore, the best form of transportation from Tirana to any city in Albania and in the region is by taxi. We guarantee that with us you will get the best and fastest transport for your money!

Tirana to Durres, Tirana to Vlore, Tirana to Elbasan and Tirana to Shkoder, are among the most common destinations requested, and our professional and experienced drivers will take you there in no time.

Of course, if you travel to some of the smaller cities, such as Sarande, Lezhe, Lusnje, Berat, Ksamil, or anywhere else to Albania, we can take you there as well.

If you want to travel to some of the cities in the region, we offer fast and reliable transfer to all regional centers.

Tirana to Podgorica is among the most popular destinations right now, which is not strange, because these two cities are the biggest regional centers in Albania and Montenegro. Tirana to Budva, Tirana to Prishtina and Tirana to Skoplje are also in our offer, but if you want to travel even further, for example from Tirana to Solun, from Tirana to Sofia, or from Tirana to Belgrade, we drive there as well, and there is no other form of transportation by land which will get you to the desired destination faster than our taxi!

How to Book Taxi from Tirana Airport

Booking a taxi from Tirana Airport cannot be easier. You can call or message us via Viber or WhatsApp and we will confirm your reservation instantly.

The best thing about reserving a taxi by using these two apps is that it is free of charge, and you will get a price of your transport in the confirmation of your reservation. We are the company without any hidden costs and unpleasant surprises, you will always know how much you will pay for your ride in front, and you will never pay a cent more!

Another convenient way to book a taxi is via our website. It is even faster than by using Viber and WhatsApp, you just have to fill out the short form on our website and you are good to go!

Pay Taxi from Tirana Airport Online

We offer another convenience to our customers – the ability to pay for your ride online! Imagine that your plane is late, and you have to attend an important business meeting in Tirana. Every second counts, and while you are getting out of Tirana Airport building, you can not only book your taxi online, you can also pay in front by using a secure payment form online! While you are doing that, our driver will already be on the way, so you can enter and exit the vehicle at your destination as fast as possible.

Taxi from Airport Tirana Cost

As we previously stated, taxi from Tirana Airport to Tirana city center or close proximity to that cost around €20. Depending on your destination, the price will vary. However, you can get all the taxi prices to any city in Albania and the region on our website.

We constantly update the prices, so you won’t have an inconvenience before you pay and see the larger amount. Even if it is somehow possible that the price changes in the moment you want to book a taxi, we will confirm the price in the message you receive, so you will always know how much your ride will cost before you even sit in our car!

Your comfort and the speed of transportation is our biggest concern. You will be transferred to your desired destination in a luxurious car, by our professional and experienced drivers, and you can be rest assured that you won’t experience any unpleasant surprises if you use our services.

For every question you can contact us via the contact form on our website, and we will answer you as soon as possible!

Tirana Airport - Cetinje
  • Standard: 165 €
  • Familly: 175 €
  • Business: 185 €
  • VIP: 210 €
  • Minivan: 340 €
  • VIP Minivan: 380 €
  • Minibus: On request
Tirana Airport - Niksic
  • Standard: 185 €
  • Familly: 195 €
  • Business: 200 €
  • VIP: 220 €
  • Minivan: 340 €
  • VIP Minivan: 380 €
  • Minibus: On request
Tirana Airport - SV Stefan
  • Standard: 165 €
  • Familly: 175 €
  • Business: 185 €
  • VIP: 195 €
  • Minivan: 300 €
  • VIP Minivan: 360 €
  • Minibus: On request
Tirana Airport - Lustica Bay
  • Standard: 220 €
  • Familly: 230 €
  • Business: 235 €
  • VIP: 280 €
  • Minivan: 380 €
  • VIP Minivan: 420 €
  • Minibus: On request
Tirana Airport - Kumbor
  • Standard: 235 €
  • Familly: 245 €
  • Business: 255 €
  • VIP: 280 €
  • Minivan: 380 €
  • VIP Minivan: On request
  • Minibus: On request
Tirana Airport - Ulcinj
  • Standard: 175 €
  • Familly: 185 €
  • Business: 195 €
  • VIP: 215 €
  • Minivan: 260 €
  • VIP Minivan: 330 €
  • Minibus: On request
Tirana Airport - Plav
  • Standard: 270 €
  • Familly: 285 €
  • Business: 295 €
  • VIP: 330 €
  • Minivan: 450 €
  • VIP Minivan: 550 €
  • Minibus: 110 €

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