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Airport Taxi Tivat to any destination; Book Taxi vehicle or minivan from Airport Tivat, at the best prices, Taxi Airport Tivat to any city, transfer in Montenegro: Budva, Kotor, Perast, Risan, Skoplje, Ohrid, Shkoder, Sarajevo, Petrovac, Sv. Stefan, Bar, Becici, Bigovo, Ulcinj, Durres, Tirana, Shkoder, Dubrovnik, Cavtat, Split, Zadar, Makarska. To reserve a Taxi transfer from Airport Tivat, please follow the instructions:

Airport Taxi Tivat – book online or call us +38269378001

Early booking ,easy and simple.

We will take you to your desired destination as fast as possible, and you can also choose the vehicle you want to use. Depending on the class, and we offer Standard, Family, Business, VIP or Minivan, you can careful choose your options and take the vehicle which suits your needs the most.

If you travel with your family or friends, and you need higher number of seats, you can book Family or Minivan class. If you are a student, Standard class will suit you the most, while for businessmen we have Business or VIP class.

Our drivers are experienced and professional, with only one concern to take you to your destination as soon as possible.

Taxi Airport Tivat

We are a company specializing in the transport of passengers from the Airport to the final destination as well as from all the towns on the Montenegrin coast to the Airport. We exist for many years and therefore we are very experienced in transferring passengers to any city in Montenegro or in the region. The ever-growing number of passengers are coming and landing at the Airport of Tivat and seeking transfers to cities on the coast. We also have frequent requests for transfers to cities in Croatia, Albania, and Bosnia. 

The Tivat international airport location allows quick transfer to big Montenegrin cities and resorts, and regional centers as well. If you take taxi, it is only an hour drive from the famous resorts such as Dubrovnik, Petrovac, St. Stefan, Bar, Herceg Novi, Igalo, or a half-hour drive to Budva, Becici, Rafailovici, Rezevici, Stoliv, Prcanj, Kotor, Risan, Morinj, Lustica, Bigovo, Baosici, Bijela, Zelenika, Kumobor.

Since there are no regular and fast bus lines to almost every destination we mentioned, why would you waste time waiting for the bus and sitting in the crowded, often old and dirty transport, when you can book our services via Viber, WhatsApp or contact form on our website, and have a comfortable and fast ride you won't wait for a single minute? Our Taxi is the best choice!

Tivat Porto Montenegro 

Since the new port for yachts built and began operations each year Tivat experiences constant growth of foreign guests and has become one of the most attractive towns on the Montenegrin coast, and, in a way, a go-to tourist destination. The growth of tourism, especially foreign, influenced the quality of Taxi services as well. Of course, we are following the trends, so that in our offer we have several categories and types of services. Our customers, when scheduling the transfer from the airport Tivat or Port Montenegro can choose various vehicle middle and high class. For information and reservations, our service is working non-stop and is available every day during the week, throughout all year. After you submit your application online soon you will get a response and confirmation of the Taxi transfer.

Taxi Transfer from Tivat 

Many tourists who visit Tivat during the summer tourist season have a desire to visit some of the tourist destinations in the region or to continue their vacation in one of the famous resorts in the region. We made a price list for all transfers from Tivat and those who want a one-day trip or half-day excursion can give us a request and will soon receive a reply with the best possible Taxi price in Montenegro.

We are offering tour taxi rides from Tivat to Dubrovnik, Mostar, Sarajevo, Split, Tirana, Durres, Skopje, Shkodra, Ohrid, Igoumenitsa, Saranda, Pristina, Prizren, Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Kolasin, Zabljak, Plav, Ulcinj, Ada Bojana, Bar.

Taxi Transport from Tivat to Podgorica

If you want to travel from Tivat to Podgorica, you can go by bus and waste more than two hours by waiting for it and going slowly while sitting on an uncomfortable seat, or you can call us, and we will take you there much faster.

The distance between Tivat and Podgorica is just under 90 kilometers and you can be there in just a bit more than one hour. If time and comfort is important to you, you know that taking a bus is not an option here.

However, if you want to spend some time and see some landmarks, we offer those services as well. In Podgorica, you can see several orthodox temples with a great historical value, Ribnica bridge, Duklja ruins, but you can also enjoy in modern part of the city, such as the Capital Plaza.

The price for the taxi ride from Tivat to Podgorica is from 60. It doesn't matter where you are going in the city, we will take you to the center of the city and to the Podgorica Airport for the same price.

Travel from Tivat to Budva by Taxi

If you travel to Budva by plane, Tivat Airport is the most logical destination of all. Tivat is only 25 kilometers away from Budva, and you can get there in no time. There is a bus line connecting these two Montenegrin cities, but it is much better to take a taxi, especially if you are in a hurry. We can take you there in under 30 minutes, which is much faster and more comfortable compared to standard bus ride.

We can also take you to some specific location, within and Old Town Budva, landmarks such as Citadel, Budva City Walls, one of the many churches or Roman Ruins, or to the place you booked in a close proximity to Mogren beach.

The price of our Taxi transport from Tivat Airport to Budva is from €30.

Tivat to Dubrovnik Taxi Cost

We offer the most competitive prices on Tivat to Dubrovnik transport. We can also take you to the historic centre of the city, if you want to visit the buildings used on The Game of Thrones set, or to Dubrovnik Airport. If you want to go to the Dubrovnik old town, the price starts from €125, while because of the location of the airport and its proximity to Tivat, the price is a bit lower and starts from €105 for the Dubrovnik Airport.

Dubrovnik is one of the oldest cities in the region, with monumental history. You can go to old town, visit Port Lovrijenac, walk down Stradun alleys, or visit nearby Korcula island.

Taking a taxi to Dubrovnik from Tivat has another merit - since it is in a different country, you will experience less waiting time if you go with our company than with a bus, because we transfer people across the border on a daily basis, which is the biggest value of traveling with us, if you want to go abroad.

Local Airport transfer Service

Many users are looking for favorable Taxi services on Google, but how to recognize if the company is local? If you Google Taxi services in Montenegro, you will find many companies offering taxi transfer, with similar prices. First of all, you should pay attention to the number of the telephone that is featured on the website of the international phone code for Montenegro is +382, and it is located in front of all numbers both fixed and mobile networks.

Many companies offer their services as local companies, and for these services, the average price for transfers is usually 30 percent higher on average. 

Local Taxi provider

In the last couple of years, the number of advertisements advertised on the Internet and on the web as well as other web browsers who pay advertising by offering their services has increased, while they do not have the license for Taxi and transfer services in our country.

These are non-licensed companies and do not have the necessary documentation for the carriage of passengers.

With us, you won't have those problems. We have everything we need to transfer passengers legally and securely, within Montenegro and across the borders as well.

The security, comfort and affordable cost of transport to our clients are our primary concerns. You can be rest assured that with us you will travel safely every time, wherever you may go.

Travel agencies as Taxi services

Many companies and agencies from Croatia and Russia advertise Taxi services on our market without a work permit and without a license to conduct business, according to our law, tourist agencies can only carry a Taxi service if they have a contract with the hotel to make a transfer on their behalf or that the hotel arrangement has been paid directly to the travel agency by the client. Only in this way the agencies operate legally. All other services and types of services between cities are done in an unlawful manner.

Local Taxi services number must start with the local area code of Montenegro +382. 

You can contact us via this number, which is the proof that we are registered locally and not some unlicensed company from abroad +3826911 01 01.

Companies that have a prominently displayed phone number on the site are from our country and all the others who do not have our phone number are agencies that resell services at a certain percentage.

How to Book a Taxi from Tivat Airport

Booking our taxi is straightforward and free. You won't have to pay for phone calls, you can reach us via Viber and WhatsApp, and we will answer your inquiry in a shortest amount of time possible. When you reserve our vehicle, and we agree upon the class you want to use, we will also send you the price of your transportation.

We don't have hidden costs, and what you see in the message is the final price you will pay to our driver.

Also, there is another convenience for using our taxi services. You can contact us via the contact form on our website, and even pay the ride securely, by using your credit card. If you click on the payment link provided, you will be transferred to the classic payment form you probably used before for shopping online.

We don't save your data or use it in any sort; everything you enter is deleted from the system right after the transaction is done, so you can be sure that you are paying in the most secure way possible.

Tivat Airport - Prizren
  • Standard: 290 €
  • Familly: 310 €
  • Business: 320 €
  • VIP: 350 €
  • Minivan: 380 €
  • VIP Minivan: 450 €
  • Minibus: 750 €
Tivat Airport - Prishtina
  • Standard: 340 €
  • Familly: 355 €
  • Business: 365 €
  • VIP: 380 €
  • Minivan: 480 €
  • VIP Minivan: 550 €
  • Minibus: 850 €
Tivat Airport - Pluzine
  • Standard: 150 €
  • Familly: 160 €
  • Business: 170 €
  • VIP: 190 €
  • Minivan: 280 €
  • VIP Minivan: 320 €
  • Minibus: On request
Tivat Airport - Pljevlja
  • Standard: 195 €
  • Familly: 210 €
  • Business: 220 €
  • VIP: 240 €
  • Minivan: 330 €
  • VIP Minivan: 350 €
  • Minibus: 600 €
Tivat Airport - Podgorica Town
  • Standard: 85 €
  • Familly: 90 €
  • Business: 105 €
  • VIP: 125 €
  • Minivan: 145 €
  • VIP Minivan: 175 €
  • Minibus: 350 €
Tivat Airport - Podgorica Airport
  • Standard: 80 €
  • Familly: 98 €
  • Business: 105 €
  • VIP: 125 €
  • Minivan: 145 €
  • VIP Minivan: 175 €
  • Minibus: 350 €
Tivat Airport - Peljesac
  • Standard: 290 €
  • Familly: 299 €
  • Business: 310 €
  • VIP: 330 €
  • Minivan: 440 €
  • VIP Minivan: 460 €
  • Minibus: On request
Tivat Airport - Ploce
  • Standard: 230 €
  • Familly: 240 €
  • Business: 250 €
  • VIP: 270 €
  • Minivan: 330 €
  • VIP Minivan: 350 €
  • Minibus: On request
Tivat Airport - Risan
  • Standard: 60 €
  • Familly: 65 €
  • Business: 70 €
  • VIP: 75 €
  • Minivan: 85 €
  • VIP Minivan: 95 €
  • Minibus: 160 €
Tivat Airport - Rezevici
  • Standard: 55 €
  • Familly: 60 €
  • Business: 65 €
  • VIP: 75 €
  • Minivan: 85 €
  • VIP Minivan: 100 €
  • Minibus: 190 €
Tivat Airport - Rafailovici
  • Standard: 48 €
  • Familly: 50 €
  • Business: 55 €
  • VIP: 65 €
  • Minivan: 75 €
  • VIP Minivan: 85 €
  • Minibus: 160 €
Tivat Airport - Rozaje
  • Standard: 210 €
  • Familly: 220 €
  • Business: 230 €
  • VIP: 240 €
  • Minivan: 350 €
  • VIP Minivan: 380 €
  • Minibus: 600 €
Tivat Airport - Rijeka Crnojevica
  • Standard: 85 €
  • Familly: 95 €
  • Business: 100 €
  • VIP: 120 €
  • Minivan: 135 €
  • VIP Minivan: 150 €
  • Minibus: 260 €
Tivat Airport - Sarajevo
  • Standard: 230 €
  • Familly: 235 €
  • Business: 240 €
  • VIP: 260 €
  • Minivan: 350 €
  • VIP Minivan: 420 €
  • Minibus: 550 €
Tivat Airport - Skoplje
  • Standard: 380 €
  • Familly: 390 €
  • Business: 400 €
  • VIP: 420 €
  • Minivan: 550 €
  • VIP Minivan: 620 €
  • Minibus: 780 €
Tivat Airport - Split
  • Standard: 380 €
  • Familly: 390 €
  • Business: 400 €
  • VIP: 420 €
  • Minivan: 490 €
  • VIP Minivan: 580 €
  • Minibus: 850 €
Tivat Airport - Saranda
  • Standard: 390 €
  • Familly: 410 €
  • Business: 450 €
  • VIP: 480 €
  • Minivan: 550 €
  • VIP Minivan: 620 €
  • Minibus: 900 €
Tivat Airport - Sv Stefan
  • Standard: 55 €
  • Familly: 60 €
  • Business: 65 €
  • VIP: 75 €
  • Minivan: 95 €
  • VIP Minivan: 110 €
  • Minibus: 180 €

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