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Taxi transfer Podgorica to Tirana 90eFrom Podgorica airport to the capital of Albania is one of the most common transfer given that there is no regular bus service from Montenegro to Albania, so that the taxi only option for tourists who want to visit Podgorica when traveling from Tirana and for those who want to visit Albania traveling from Montenegro to Tirana. Tirana Airport is located 145 km from Podgorica Airport or two hours of travel and the center of Tirana 170 km away, or two and a half hour drive if the transfers performed off-season, while the season during driving can be much longer and bigger because a large number of tourists exceeds the border crossing Bozaj and it was the only border crossing from Montenegro to Albania during the weekend of the season cross the border last up to 45 minutes. When traveling from Podgorica, the first settlements in Albania are Bajza and Kopljik and then the third largest city in Albania Shkodra as it is called Albanians while in Montenegro Skadar ,lake have and the same name. Skadar is 65km away from Podgorica or an hour’s drive.

Upon leaving the Shkodra we move toward Lezhe its long plain where the opportunities along the way allow anything fast moving vehicle, After that point we move in the direction of Milot where the separation of times left for Kosovo and the beginning of an unfinished highway right to Tirana in length of descent 30km. After the descent from that part of the road on the left side of the hills is Fushe Kruje, the birthplace of the most famous personalities in the Albanian history and national hero, Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu. Gjergj is the Albanian equivalent behalf Đurađ Kastrioti. Its born around 06.05.1405 coffin of his father Jovan and mother Vojislava Kastrioti and his family originate from then-Zeta from the family Branilovici. Skanderbeg is a significant and important figure not only for the Albanian people, but also for other nations and nationalities who lived at that time with him and resisted the Empire Ottoman. Podgorica to Tirana taxi After we passed the highway and headed to the airport in Tirana is away from the turn off the highway about 10 kilometers, then take the highway to the intersection of Tirana-Durres and toward the center also highway some 15km.

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Due to large number of clients who require or ask for a detailed description of the brief we have described and mentioned some interesting details and when the customer who will use our transfer service more details can learn from our drivers who can certainly few hours as needed for this transfer from Podgorica to Tirana that they do so more interesting and exciting. For all the tourists who wish a day trip or half day, we offer you professional drivers with lot of experience of knowing how Local places and cultures and traditions and historical curiosities.

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